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Getting Started

How to get started

The process leading up to bariatric surgery varies depending on each person’s medical history and insurance requirements.  Please review the process below for additional information.

Appointment Scheduling

Please contact us directly or ask your provider to send a referral to our program to begin the process to bariatric surgery. One of our staff will complete a screening with you to determine candidacy for bariatric surgery.

Online Seminars

If an individual is a candidate for surgery, the patient is scheduled for an online information session and sent an educational video to view. This virtual information session includes presentations by several members of our team, including a surgeon, dietitian, psychologist and nurse.


Once you have attended an information session, your file is active. We will need to collect the following records from you before you are seen by the surgeon for a consultation:

  • 3 years of medical records;
  • A psychological evaluation;
  • Weight management program (if your health insurance requires this);
  • Additional medical tests, as determined by the surgeon.

Transfer of Care

Your medical file will be sent to the surgical clinic for review and you will then be scheduled for a consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons for surgical clearance. Once cleared, we will submit to your insurance company for approval. Upon approval, your preoperative appointments and surgery will be scheduled.

Insurance & Financing

For commercial insurance policies: Contact the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask this question exactly: “In my certificate of coverage, are there benefits for weight loss surgery for morbid obesity if medically necessary?”

For Medicare and Medicaid: There are benefits for weight loss surgery as long as the criteria is met. There is no need to contact Medicare and Medicaid. Once you are actively moving through the process and have shared your insurance information with our team, representatives from the hospital and surgical clinic will contact you with an estimate of costs.

Insurance FAQs

Most insurance plans require that your BMI be 40 or higher. However, if your BMI is between 35 – 40, you may be approved for bariatric surgery if you suffer from certain medical condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or sleep apnea.

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